Intel to postpone desktop CPU-GPU hybrid, too?

Perhaps AMD won't be the only one to introduce its first processor with a built-in GPU behind schedule. TG Daily quotes a research note from financial services firm Baird, which says Intel has postponed its Havendale processor "by one quarter into 2010."

The research note allegedly points to a Fudzilla report that includes an "official" quotation from Intel. The quotation reads, "Havendale schedule is being adjusted to intercept Q1'2010 retail and business cycles with production beginning in Q4 '09."

Intel publicly stated in October that Havendale would come out in the second half of next year. Before that, the rumor mill revealed that Havendale would be a low-end desktop offering with two CPU cores, Hyper-Threading support, 4MB of cache, a dual-channel DDR3 memory controller—although it said nothing of a built-in GPU. Intel reportedly has a Clarksfield CPU-GPU hybrid in store for notebooks, however.

Naturally, this news ties in with AMD's latest roadmap, which shows the company has delayed its own CPU-GPU combo until 2011. AMD plans to offer these "accelerated processing units" for desktops, mainstream notebooks, ultraportables, and high-end netbooks.

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