2K Games, EA hop on the PhysX bandwagon

Two major game makers have signed on the dotted line and will use PhysX technology in their future titles, Nvidia has announced. Both 2K Games and Electronic Arts plan to have their game development studios across the globe use the physics application programming interface.

As you might already know, the PC version of DICE's Mirror's Edge will use PhysX. EA will be publishing that, and the announcement suggests there's more where that came from. As for 2K Games, Nvidia says that publisher will offer PhysX technology in GearBox Software's upcoming sci-fi shooter Borderlands. Other 2K Games franchises include the Grand Theft Auto series and BioShock (which has a sequel on the way), although the press release doesn't mention those.

Speaking of Mirror's Edge, Nvidia has released a second video that compares the game's eye candy with and without PhysX enabled:

PhysX hardware acceleration requires a GeForce 8-series or better graphics card with at least 256MB of onboard memory. That said, the API can also run on a standard x86 processor, the PlayStation 3's Cell CPU, or one of the old PhysX PCI cards.

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