Burnout Paradise to offer new take on demo concept

For decades now, demos and shareware versions of PC games have included small samples of the full experience—usually the first handful of levels. Well, the folks at Criterion Games are about to turn that concept on its head with the PC demo of Burnout Paradise. As Shacknews reports, this "demo" will include the entire game, compete with multiplayer functionality.

Criterion explains that the demo will limit "just how much you can do and for how long," but gamers will still be able to go anywhere inside the racing title's virtual world:

In Burnout Paradise, you're free to explore a massive city, loaded with fun things to do and places to go. Pull up at any of the 120 junctions to start one of 5 event types – Burning Route, Marked Man, Stunt Run, Race and Road Rage. See if you can find the beach, quarry, dirt track and airfield playgrounds spread through our five boroughs. The city also morphs seamlessly into an online world anytime you want to hook up with your friends and cruise around beating challenges.

And rather than having to walk down to the store to grab the full version, players will be able to "upgrade" via a "trial store within the game."

Considering how enormous game demo downloads are these days, letting folks download the full game and buy a key to unlock all the content seems like a logical step forward. This type of release could also discourage BitTorrent-savvy users from simply grabbing the full game to try before they buy.

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