World's first Gigabyte GA-7DX review

Congratulations to Overclockers Workbench for getting there first. The Gigabyte GA-7DX is based on the AMD 760 chipset but uses the VIA 686B South Bridge. Well, what have they to say about its DDR memory goodness?
Gigabyte is probably the first manufacturer to make available their AMD760 chipset Socket A mainboard. Well, we are very excited to test run this DDR solution from Gigabyte using the AMD 760 DDR chipset.
It is a given that the memory bandwidth is a considerable improvement over the VIA KT133 chipset. Too bad they only tested with a Duron 600MHz (100MHz x 2 FSB). No way to see if the AMD 133MHz x 2 FSB processors will cause stability problems. Nevertheless, the day belongs to them.
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