LCD panel prices are headed down

Don't be surprised if LCD monitors keep getting cheaper over the coming weeks and months. The folks at DigiTimes have learned from "market sources" that shrinking demand will cause LCD panel prices to drop in December.

Reportedly, LCD monitor panels are already selling "below cash cost levels," and they may go down by another 6-9% this month. (The low demand allegedly has to do with both the high market penetration rate of desktop monitors and the increasing popularity of notebooks.) Laptop LCDs aren't immune to the squeeze, however—DigiTimes says its sources expect mainstream notebook panel prices to dive by 8%.

Looking ahead, DigiTimes claims panel makers foresee "two more quarters" of low demand because of seasonality and the not-so-great state of the global economy. With displays like Acer's 22" X223Wbd already available for as little as $170 shipped, the next few months could bring some juicy upgrade opportunities.

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