Radeon HD 4870 drops to $199.99

AMD's fastest single-GPU graphics card has just gotten a good bit cheaper. The company wrote to us on Friday saying the 512MB flavor of the Radeon HD 4870 would soon be available for $199, while the 1GB version would be dipping to $239. We've been monitoring online retailers since then, and the drops now look to be in effect.

A quick search on Newegg shows a handful of Radeon HD 4870 512MB cards selling for $199.99, like this HIS model that also has a $10 mail-in rebate and free shipping. ZipZoomFly offers the same card for the same price with an identical rebate deal, although its other 4870 cards are pricier.

Moving up to Radeon HD 4870s with 1GB of memory, Newegg sells a Sapphire model for $240 with a $15 mail-in rebate. There's also a $240 HIS variant with free shipping but a smaller $10 rebate.

For the record, the cheapest GeForce GTX 260 "reloaded" at Newegg costs $248 with free shipping. Considering the 4870 1GB was neck-and-neck with a higher-clocked GTX 260 reloaded in our tests, AMD's price cuts may well put renewed pressure on Nvidia.

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