OCZ, Super Talent both announce new SSDs

Somewhat like netbooks a few months back, new solid-state drives seem to be popping up every other week lately. A peek in our news inbox shows that both Super Talent and OCZ have announced new SSD offerings this week. The former is targeting both the enterprise and consumer markets, while OCZ is focusing squarely on enthusiasts.

Let's start with Super Talent's UltraDrive LE series. These 2.5" enterprise drives are based on single-level cell flash, and they can reportedly hit 230MB/s during sequential reads and 170MB/s during sequential writes—not too far from the rated specs of Intel's hair-scorchingly fast X25-E Extreme. Unlike Intel, Super Talent is introducing these SSDs with 128GB and 64GB capacities in addition to a 32GB flavor.

On the consumer front, the 2.5" UltraDrive ME series has less impressive speed ratings of 200MB/s for reads and 160MB/s for writes. These drives use the cheaper multi-level cell flash type, too, but they're launching with capacities up to 256GB. According to Super Talent, both the LE and ME UltraDrives will be available next month.

What about OCZ? The rival firm's Vertex 2.5" SSDs are also based on MLC memory, and they have capacities ranging from 30GB to 250GB. OCZ claims the drives have a "new architecture and controller design" with chunks of dedicated cache—64MB for the 120GB and 250GB models, and 32MB for the 60GB and 30GB offerings. Fittingly, these drives have the exact same rated speeds as the UltraDrive MEs (200MB/s for reads and 160MB/s for writes). OCZ covers these puppies with a two-year warranty, though, which is twice as long as what Super Talent offers with the MEs.

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