Report: 55nm ‘GeForce GTX 285’ to take the single-GPU crown

A surprising number of details concerning future 55nm GeForce GTX graphics cards have leaked out into the wild lately. This time, Expreview has posted news about what might be Nvidia’s next fastest single-GPU offering: the GeForce GTX 285.

Crediting an anonymous reader for the information, the Chinese site says the GeForce GTX 285 will have the same 240 stream processors, 1GB of GDDR3, and 10.5″ circuit board length as the existing GeForce GTX 280. However, the future card will have higher stock clock speeds, and it will supposedly reduce top power consumption from 236W to just 183W. Expreview expects the GTX 285 to outperform its forebear by up to 10% when it comes out in January.

While Expreview doesn’t provide much supporting evidence, Nvidia does seem likely to introduce a faster top-of-the-line single-GPU card. The new GeForce GTX 260 “reloaded” with 216 stream processors performs very closely to the GTX 280, but it’s considerably cheaper: you can grab one for as little as $248 at Newegg, whereas the cheapest GTX 280 costs $350 before mail-in rebates.

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