UnitedKeys keyboard has OLED function keys, costs $260

You don't have to max out your credit card to get a keyboard with programmable OLED keys. According to Engadget, UnitedKeys has started shipping a new keyboard that has nine auxiliary function keys each with a small, one-inch OLED display.

The keyboard also costs $260, making it considerably cheaper than Art Lebedev's much-hyped Optimus Maximus (current sale price: $1,578.92). Unlike the Optimus, though, the UnitedKeys device only includes displays on the function keys, and the rest of it looks fairly unremarkable.

Interestingly, UnitedKeys says users can have many "layers" of function keys: "For example, you could have a key on the home grid that says Google®, which activates an entire sub-grid dedicated to Gmail commands." Users can upload their own 64x64-pixel icons to the keyboard via the bundled Windows software and standard USB connection (which, UnitedKeys stresses, is the only connection the device needs).

You can order the UnitedKeys keyboard right now through the official website. For those who like their current keyboards and just want the OLED function pad, the firm also sells that for $200.

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