Celeron-toting Eee Box pops up on Asus' website

The rumor mill was spot on, it seems. An Eee Box B203 nettop has quietly appeared on Asus' website, and this model has a Celeron processor instead of the Atom that powers other diminutive desktops in the same lineup.

The Celeron 220 includes one 1.2GHz core with a 533MHz front-side bus and 512KB of cache, and Intel has based it off the same architecture as 65nm Core 2 Duos. This chip does have a lower clock speed and a higher TDP than the Atom 230, but because it has out-of-order execution and some of the Core 2 series' perks, it likely performs better.

Processor differences aside, the Eee Box B203 looks a whole lot like the B202 system we reviewed a while back. Asus puts in a 945GC chipset, up to 2GB of RAM, up to 160GB of mechanical storage, Gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Supposedly, the company went with a Celeron as a cost-cutting measure: this nettop may end up costing only $240, which would make it roughly $60 cheaper than the Eee Box B202.

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