Frozen apples fly faster

The time is coming, some time next year, when Macs officially break the 1GHz barrier—quite possibly, before PCs break the 2GHz barrier, if the claims made in this report at The Register turn out to be true. Ye olde G4 will need a little special help to get there, though. A company called Xtrem is plotting the launch of its super-cooled G4 system, provisionally slated to launch in January '01. If nothing else, they have a nice case design. For an electric razor. Let's hope Apple doesn't squash 'em like they have other clone makers. (Thanks to Troy Loney for the link, which he spotted at the cold, HardOCP.)

Meanwhile, Apple itself is bleeding red for the first time in a while. Like everybody else, they got walloped when the bottom fell out of PC sales these past couple of months. Of course, it didn't help that they couldn't sell boxes at speeds over 500MHz, didn't have CD-RW drives in their retail products, and they'd frozen the market a la Osborne with the pre-hype for OS X.

However, Jobs was a big man, and the company took the blame for the shortfall. Which leads me to an observation. Despite how much I despise the man's marketing rhetoric, I have to say I like his style. From the CNNfn story:

"We completely missed the boat on CD-read/write drives," Jobs said. "We completely blew this one."

Of course, his seemingly candid statements may be providing cover for Apple, which has much more fundamental problems. So whatever. Jobs has done a heckuva job bringing Apple back from the brink, regardless.

Or maybe that's just the Reality Distortion Field talking.

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