Antec Sonata Elite has fewer drive bays, no PSU

For years now, Antec's Sonata enclosures have had relatively compact form factors, bundled power supplies, and hosts of noise-reduction features. Antec is mixing up that formula a little with the Sonata Elite, which is taller than its predecessors and doesn't come with a PSU.

The 19"-tall Sonata Elite has three 5.25" bays, four internal hard drive bays, and a 5.25-to-3.5" adapter for external, floppy-drive-sized devices. All four internal storage bays are side-mounted, and they have silicone grommets to reduce vibration. To further reduce noise output, Antec fashions the Sonata Elite's side and top panels out of dual steel and polycarbonate layers—a bit like the triple-layer panels on the more upscale Antec P180.

Somewhat unusually, Antec also positions a couple of side intake vents right behind the hard drive area—but you won't be able to plug fans into them. A pair of 120mm exhaust fans take complete charge of active cooling: one lies at the back, and the other faces the motherboard's expansion slots and exhausts air to the side.

The Sonata Elite is launching at $119, which is about ten bucks cheaper than what Newegg charges for the Sonata III. You'll need to factor in the cost of a power supply, though. Check out the image gallery below for some photos.

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