Wind U100 netbook gets... OS X wireless drivers

Are "hackintoshes"—regular PCs running Mac OS X via third-party tools—gaining enough traction to warrant driver support from hardware makers? Maybe not, but according to, Realtek has unofficially released OS X drivers for the Wi-Fi controller inside MSI's Wind U100 netbook.

You can still find the driver files by checking this thread at the forums. The user who posted the driver archive allegedly got it by simply e-mailing Realtek to inquire about OS X support. Another forum member posted a screenshot of a "Realtek WLAN Client Utility" app running on OS X Leopard, although apparently, the operating system doesn't recognize the Realtek hardware as a proper AirPort adapter.

That leaves the question of why Realtek released the driver. Perhaps the company is simply indulging the vocal minority of OS X-running Wind users, or maybe Realtek developed the driver for other reasons—like, say, a future Apple product. In either case, continued OS X driver support for non-Mac hardware could certainly put Apple (and its legal team) in an interesting position.

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