It's official: XFX will sell AMD graphics cards

The rumor mill scores again. Late yesterday, XFX and AMD officially confirmed that they've indeed become partners—and that XFX-branded Radeon graphics cards are coming out early next year.

Not so surprisingly, the cards will use AMD's latest and greatest Radeon HD 4000-series GPUs, and they'll include a Radeon HD 4870 X2 at the high end. (Knowing XFX's usual branding scheme, we expect at least three more x's in the model name for that). The announcement specifies that XFX Radeons will have "all of the popular features that XFX is known for, including . . . unparalleled 5-Star support, access to customized drivers, and factory overclocked XXX series." No word yet regarding lifetime warranty coverage, though.

As we pointed out when discussing the rumor yesterday, the Radeon HD 4000 lineup's excellent performance and aggressive pricing probably encouraged XFX to make the jump. The hyperbole-riddled press release quotes XFX's Michael Chiu as saying Radeon HD 4000 GPUs "redefined the graphics market."

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