Diminutive iPhone nano coming in January?

Is the iPhone 3G's $199 price tag too steep for you? Apple may not cut prices again anytime soon, but the folks at iDealsChina have found evidence that the company will soon introduce a smaller, cheaper device possibly dubbed the iPhone nano.

Evidence comes from a silicone case manufacturer, which has allegedly leaked images of a "skin-tight" casing for the device. Compared to the same manufacturer's iPhone 3G casing, this new one looks considerably smaller. The big rectangular hole at the front suggests a touch-screen display will still be part of the formula, but considering the size, the purported iPhone nano might make web browsing a little tricky.

Still, iDealsChina thinks the design is legit, and it even quotes some specifications for the device: three sensors, a camera, a "mirror screen," and no 3G connectivity. Keep your eyes peeled at the next Macworld keynote in early January—that's supposedly when Steve Jobs will unleash this phone upon the cheering masses. (Thanks to Engadget for the tip.)

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