'GeForce GTX 285' specifications leak out

Recent reports from Asian rumor sites have told us Nvidia will unveil a new high-end, single-GPU graphics card next month. Well, Expreview now claims to have obtained detailed specifications for the future card, showing considerable clock speed increases over the current GeForce GTX 280.

According to "exact data [the site] got today," the upcoming GeForce GTX 285 will run at 648MHz with a 1476MHz shader clock and a 1242MHz memory clock (that's an effective 2484 MT/s). Previous reports have suggested the card will have the same 240 stream processors and 1GB of GDDR3 memory as the GTX 280, but with a 55nm GPU and 183W power envelope.

For the record, the GeForce GTX 280 runs at 602MHz with a 1296MHz shader speed and 1107MHz RAM. We should point out that "factory overclocked" GTX 280 variants pushed up to 700MHz are already available today, although the 55nm GPU might allow for even faster versions of the GTX 285. Since the stock GTX 280 has a 236W power envelope, the GTX 285 might be a wee bit less power-hungry at higher speeds, too.

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