Another 10% of AMD's staff may be let go

AMD significantly reduced its fourth-quarter revenue forecast earlier this month, and the chipmaker's employees may soon feel the sting. According to DigiTimes, AMD could let go another 10% of its workforce in January, trimming its total head count from "around 15,000" to something like 13,500. The cuts may apply mostly to manufacturing and administrative jobs.

As DigiTimes points out, AMD already announced a 10% workforce reduction back in April, and it made another 3% cut in November. Since AMD reportedly had 16,500 employees in April, it sounds like the latest figure should be below 15,000, but who knows—maybe the company has been doing some hiring in the meantime.

Regardless, losing 10% of your employees is nothing to scoff at. AMD will presumably shed even more when it completes the spinning off of its manufacturing business, too. That's still scheduled to happen early next year, according to the latest news from AMD and investment firm ATIC.

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