Crytek offers free Crysis Wars for 10 days

If you're seeking system-killing eye candy but don't care for single-player gameplay, then you're in luck. Shacknews reports that Crytek will let folks sample Crysis Wars free of charge between December 19 and December 29.

Crysis Wars is none other than the multiplayer component of Crysis Warhead, which came out in mid-September. The free sample period comes hand-in-hand with the 1.3 multiplayer patch, which reportedly adds two new official maps and fixes problems with custom assets in downloaded maps.

You can grab both the patch and the 5.5GB Crysis Wars trial (split up into four RAR archives) over at FileShack. Players will need to register at MyCrysis to participate in the 10-day free trial period.

Speaking of updates for games with "Cry" in the name, Ubisoft has released a 1.02 patch for Far Cry 2. This update adds a number of multiplayer tweaks and fixes, and it's also up at FileShack.

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