Via couples Nano, S3 Chrome with Trinity platform

AMD isn't the only company out there to offer processors, chipsets, and discrete GPUs. Via does, too, and it has announced a new platform brand to emphasize that fact.

Dubbed Trinity, Via's new brand wraps up Nano and C7 processors, VX800 chipsets, and S3 Chrome GPUs into a neat little package aimed at small-form-factor desktops, notebooks, and embedded systems. Chrome graphics processors have to be hooked up via PCI Express, so Trinity sounds like it's focused more on nettops than netbooks.

Via points out that S3 Chrome discrete graphics cards deliver DirectX 10.1 support, H.264 and VC-1 hardware acceleration capabilities, and HDMI outputs. Throw in one of the new 64-bit, out-of-order Nano processors, and Trinity could be a very potent alternative to Intel's Atom and 945GC chipset combo—in affordable desktops, at least.

The new label might also encourage more PC makers to choose Via hardware instead of the trendier Atom offerings. Right now, though, Nano-based systems seem to be eerily absent from the market.

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