Abit VP6 recalled?

The rumors are flying about the web that Abit's much-anticipated follow-up to their legendary dually BP6 mobo, the VP6, may have been recalled. The guys at the HardOCP have been following this one, but they don't seem to be sure what's up just yet. First they printed a little blurb about a recall and a second, fixed revision. Then, later, Kyle posted this:
The story is now coming in a bit clearer and we should be able to relate the FACTS to you soon. While the rumors have not been wrong, they have not been right either. Also, you can rest assured, if the information we are getting now is true, NO [H]ard|OCPers will be worried at all by this "problem". It is only going to bother the uninformed.
So something may be up, but it ain't much.

Here's what I've heard from Abit: "As you know, there are rumors of a VP6 recall flying around the web, but they are totally untrue."

Take that as you will. We should know more soon; TR is plotting a VP6 review.

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