OCZ intros 2GHz DDR3 modules for Core i7 systems

Now that Core i7 processors are out and giddy enthusiasts have had a chance to learn how to overclock them, OCZ has chosen to ramp up clock speeds among its triple-channel DDR3 memory offerings. The company's latest effort, the PC3-16000 Blade Series triple-channel kit, is rated for operation at a whopping 2,000MHz.

The new kit is launching only in a 6GB flavor made up of three 2GB modules, all of which can reportedly hit 2GHz with 7-8-7 timings and a 1.65V voltage setting. Intel says users risk damaging their Core i7 processors if they push the RAM voltage any higher than 1.65V, so it's a good thing OCZ didn't go over.

Aside from their mouth-watering specs, the Blade Series DDR3-2000 modules have black aluminum heatsinks and lifetime warranty coverage. OCZ doesn't quote pricing, but seeing as the firm's 6GB DDR3-1866 kit sells for over $300 at Newegg, a launch price closer to $400 wouldn't surprise us. OCZ does claim this kit can deliver 35GB/s of memory bandwidth, though, and we have seen that faster memory does make a difference on the Core i7.

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