Battle in Seattle: anti-globalist riots erupt

The city of Seattle--home of Microsoft--is under curfew tonight as police attempt to control riots touched off during anti-World Trade Organization (WTO) protests today. This story is interesting for a number of reasons. Among them:
  • The unique collection of anti-globalist protesters in Seattle appears to be made up of groups from across the traditional political spectrum.
  • Any strong anti-globalist or anti-free trade movement's success would likely have adverse effects on the decidedly globalist high-tech industry.
  • The protesters may have organized themselves surprisingly well by using the Internet for coordination.
Have a look at CNN's carefully written story about the situation in Seattle, then check out Matt Drudge's report, which explores the difficulties our multinational media conglomerates may have with covering an anti-globalist uprising. Notable excerpts from Drudge include this bit putting the event in perspective:
"Not since the days of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement has the entire downtown core of a major American city been seized by popular uprising; rarely has so diverse an array of groups linked elbows against a common enemy, in this case the faceless forces of globalization," a newspaper reported in fresh editions.
Of course, though not controlled by a media conglomerate, the Internet itself is, inescapably, a "globalizing" force. But then consider this quotation about how the protest was organized....
Organizers credited the Internet with mustering widespread support. "It has allowed people to communicate at least as regularly as corporations do," said Denis Moynihan of the Direct Action Media Collective.
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