Poll: What's the best PC game of 2008?

Say what you will about the latest AMD and Nvidia graphics cards; most folks use them for the same purpose: playing games. With the year practically over, we've put up a new poll asking what you think is the best PC game of 2008. Has a big blockbuster like Fallout 3 captivated you most? Does Sins of a Solar Empire rank highest in your list for its indie charm and lack of intrusive copy-protection software? Or do you have an entirely different pick?

We asked ourselves similar questions in last week's podcast. As far as PC titles go, we particularly enjoyed Crysis Warhead, Call of Duty: World at War, Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, and Mass Effect.

Whether you agree with us or not, you may cast your vote either below or on our front page. We've tried to include all major new games without listing every single release, so if we missed your pick, feel free to vote "Other" and post in the comments.

In our last poll, we asked for your predictions on how AMD's 45nm Phenom II processors will compete when they come out next year. 31% of voters said they expect Phenom IIs to sit between Intel's Core 2 and Core i7 processors, while 21% think AMD will only match Core 2 Quads, and a hopeful 18% believe AMD will catch up to low-end Core i7 CPUs. The remaining 30% think Phenom IIs will either fail to match the competition or somehow beat the Core i7.

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