ThinkPad W700ds has two displays

Lenovo's ThinkPad W700 isn't exactly thin or light, with its 17" display, built-in graphics tablet, dual hard drives, and rated weight of 8.3 lbs. Maybe Lenovo thought that wasn't quite tricked-out enough, because it's about to launch a version of the same notebook with a secondary display for on-the-go dual-screen action.

According to eWeek, the ThinkPad W700ds (the "ds" stands for "dual screen") will come out at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. From the right of the already large 17" 1920x1200 display, users will be able to pull out a secondary, 10.6" LCD with a 768x1280 resolution. eWeek's photo gallery shows one possible application: in Adobe Photoshop, the ThinkPad displays the main image on the primary display and all the palettes on the secondary one.

A video showing how the 10.6" LCD slides in and out of the primary display frame has already made its way onto YouTube, as well:

Surprisingly, eWeek says the secondary LCD only increases the W700ds' thickness by 10 mm over the regular W700. You'll have to pay an extra $500 for the privilege, though, which should bump up the price to around $3,000. Oh, and this "laptop" will only get about two hours of battery lifeā€”or 3.5 hours with "the display at half brightness," which might mean leaving the secondary LCD off. (Thanks to Engadget for the video link.)

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