Well, I hope you all have finished your Christmas shopping by now and are ready to relax and enjoy the holiday. Amazingly, my plan for today doesn't include rushing around from store to store trying to find everything on my wife's wish list, alongside a number of other guys in the same boat. I shopped early and almost entirely online this year, and it's done. Now, I just have to wrap things. I am determined to procrastinate on that, though. I hate wrapping.

Of course, we here at TR will be taking a bit of a break over the next little while. We'll still try to keep things active, but we won't be publishing at our usual rate. And Cyril's out for a while, so you may be stuck with me for news. Good luck with that.

My agenda for the day includes the geekier side of Christmas preparations, like installing Left 4 Dead on multiple PCs, so I can play co-op against my brother when he comes into town—if that's possible when we only own one copy of the game. Hmm. May have to buy another. Also, I'm charging lots of AA batteries for the kids' gifts. Can't ever have too many of those.

Incidentally, your agenda for the day should include signing up for our Christmas Giveway, if you haven't done so yet. We're giving away an awe-inspiring bundle of PC parts courtesy of Intel, Asus, Corsair, WD, OCZ, Enermax, NCIX, Thermaltake, and Cooler Master—all of the components you'd need to build an incredible new system with a Core i7 processor and dual Radeon HD 4870s in CrossFire. You can get more details right here. Somehow, we have only (to date) about half of the entries we got last year, so your odds of winning are pretty darned good. Sign up now before your eggnog bender sends you into a haze and you forget to register by the December 31 deadline.

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