TR's Visor keyboard BEATDOWN!!

So you took the plunge and got yourself a PDA, and now you find yourself addicted to using the thing. But there's one, big hitch: trying to write with it is about as much fun as a Warren Christopher press conference. Which is to say, none at all—and it doesn't work very well, either.

Well, if you're a Handspring Visor user, you're in luck, because we've got a pair of contenders ready to face off in a PDA keyboard battle to the death! That's right, our own Andy Brown has put these two bad boys into the ring for an old-fashioned beatdown. In Don King's corner, there's the ferocious Targus Stowaway, a hot little folding number that's bigger than it first looks. And in the other corner, it's the Landware GoType, undefeated in its professional career, featuring an attractive slimline profile and clamshell casing.

One thing's for sure: when the dust settles, only one Handspring Visor Keyboard will be left standing.

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