I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and a nice break over the long weekend. Oh, and some good loot. My Christmas was wonderful, but I got back to work the past couple of days with some pretty intensive CPU and GPU testing here in Damage Labs. Amazingly productive without anyone around to bug me via email, IM, or phone, in fact, and I got a bit of a head start on some things. As you may know, the Phenom II and the GeForce GTX 295 are both being unveiled on the first day of CES, and I have reviews to prepare before hopping on a plane for Vegas.

Now, I have to decide how to handle my contributions to the news flow around here this week while working on a crazy number of possible articles, as well. My current thinking is that I may attempt to write and post a couple of short reviews rather than doing a lot of news items. I think that may be the best approach. So bear with me, and perhaps we'll have some actual reviews in the upcoming days.

Oh, and the Christmas Giveway is up to 3,416 entries. Despite the name, we're still taking registrations until mid-day on December 31, so go sign up if you haven't. It's easy, and you could win the parts for a most excellent Core i7-based PC.

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