Tuesday Shortbread


  1. Intel's new processor price list dated 12/28
  2. EETimes reports AMD adds 100 to planned layoff
  3. DigiTimes reports DRAM makers cut 2009 capex on dim outlook
  4. NordicHardware: AMD RD890 in Q2, even better overclocking coming
  5. TG Daily reports LG announces first 480Hz TV
  6. DailyTech reports Intel, Yahoo technology will be inside many TVs at CES 2009
  7. C|Net reports RIAA loses mistrial appeal
  8. Obama inauguration gets more Microsoft money
  9. [OC]ModShop on building a PC for $300
  10. Modders-Inc's after the holidays giveaway
Software and gaming

  1. C|Net reports Microsoft denies vulnerability in Windows Media Player
  2. Microsoft talks Windows Azure privacy
  3. Windows 7 Beta 1 review
  4. Phoronix reports AMD releases open-source R600 / 700 3D code
  5. The Wall Street Journal: Hope fades for PS3 as a comeback player
  6. TG Daily sees land in sight: Sony cuts PS3 production cost by 35%
  7. Forbes: game prices tumble
  8. Shacknews reports Bungie releases Halo 3: ODST concept art
  9. Prime gaming laptop
Systems, storage, and multimedia

  1. TechwareLabs review MSI Wind
  2. HardwareZone's first look at Lenovo IdeaPad U110
  3. [H] Enthusiast reviews Asus P6T6 WS Revolution
  4. TweakTown reviews 6GB G.Skill π Black PC3-12800 (1600MHz) CL8 memory kit
  5. Hardware Bistro reviews Vizo MirrorBox CR
  6. Bona Fide Reviews on HIS HD 4830 IceQ 4 512MB
  7. Futurelooks reviews Epson WorkForce 600 multifunction printer
  8. PCStats reviews Enermax Aurora KB007US aluminum keyboard
  9. Benchmark Reviews on Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000
Casing and cooling

  1. Overclockers Club reviews NZXT Zero 2 case
  2. FiringSquad reviews Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P80R case
  3. Hardware Canucks review Antec Skeleton case
  4. ProClockers review Antec Sonata Elite case
  5. Tweaknews reviews In Win Na USB / eSATA HDD enclosure
  6. ThinkComputers reviews Boogie Bug Besace Wii bag
  7. PureOverclock reviews CoolIT Domino A.L.C.
  8. Madshrimps review Xirex liquid cooling starter Set
  9. Rbmods review Thermaltake SpinQ CPU cooler
  10. FrostyTech reviews Gelid Solutions Silent Spirit heatsink
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