1. LinuxLookup's killing the 'Linux future' fallacy
  2. Deus Ex multiplayer patch released
  3. Digit Life's monthly digest for November
  4. Digit Life presents November Photo Digest
  5. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-095): "registry permissions" vulnerability
  6. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-096): "SNMP parameters" vulnerability
  7. Maximum3D's tales of woe: peer to peer madness
Systems and processors

  1. FullOn3D reviews PCNUT GamePro system (system)
  2. Tech Extreme puts Intel killer gaming rig to the test
  3. Overclockers Online pits Duron green vs. blue cores
  4. ZDNet Germany on Pentium 4 L1/L2 cache performance benchmarks (in German)
  5. Tom's Hardware Guide's Pentium 4 vs. Athlon - Final Recount (sure hope so)

  1. Sharky Extreme's Iwill KA266-R benchmark preview
  2. VIAhardware previews VIA KM133 chipset
  3. AnandTech reviews AOpen AK73 Pro Socket A (VIA 686B)
  4. SocketA reviews FIC AZ11E
  5. I am not a geek reviews Abit SA6R i815E
  6. Iwill WO2-R i815E review@Digit Life
  7. Hexus reviews Asus CUSL2 i815E

  1. NVmax 1.0 (non beta)
  2. Tranzmit's 3 new demos: The_Booz_Mooses by TMB and ahnion; Slavery by Fairlight; and Desktop Destroyer (OpenGL)
  3. 3DCenter's 'Voodoo5 WickedGL Report' (article in German, benchmarks in Esperanto)
  4. Digit Life reviews Inno3D Tornado GF2 Pro
  5. Leadtek GF2 MX cards roundup@Digit Life

  1. SysReview on the SoundGood MP3 player for HandSpring Visor
  2. Neoseeker reviews Philips Acoustics Edge PSC 706
  3. ExamPC reviews AOpen DVD-1640 Pro
  4. taconuts does Diamond Maxtor 40 Gig shootout
  5. FiringSquad reviews Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers
  6. Kodak DC4800 review@Digit Life

  1. UK Gamer's review of CoolerMaster CH5-5K12 "heatpipe" Socket A cooling
  2. Lazy Man's case mod@The Tech Zone
  3. Tweakmeister's memory sinks how-to
  4. WC-Extreme illustrates how not to take apart a hard drive
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