Well, I finished up CPU testing for the last two processors yesterday, and then I did my thermal testing on the Core 2 rig. I'm fairly convinced a couple of different graphics cards here have serious issues when their coolers are sandwiched up against the back of another card. They seem to starve for air, and the GPU overheats. More on that in the review. But confirming it took time, since I wanted to be sure the problem wasn't somehow confined to my particular test system.

Also spent part of the day hunting down an issue with one benchmark where the Core 2 numbers didn't jibe between different speed grades. Lots of CPU swapping and re-testing invovled, but I got it sorted.

Now I'm doing CPU data entry and working on graphs. I'm as curious as anyone to see how the Phenom II comes out in the wash, and funnily enough, I don't always have a good sense of a CPU's performance until this stage of putting an article together. I've seen a few results, but haven't studied them in totality. Yet.

After this: testing the GeForce GTX 295 today, along with another Radeon config (simply because I can test two at once) and perhaps CPU review layout work, once the graphs are made.

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