Deal of the week: 1TB hard drives galore, plus cheap RAM

Now may be a good time for a storage upgrade. Western Digital's new 1TB Caviar Green hard drive has finally popped up on Newegg, and it's available for a tempting $119.99 with free shipping. As we found in our review, this specimen delivers surprisingly good performance despite its low spindle speed, and its noise levels rank among the lowest we've measured. This is also the most power-efficient 1TB hard drive we've tested, which doesn't hurt if you're working in a small-form-factor case.

Assuming you have the same budget and favor raw performance and long warranty coverage over the Caviar Green's perks, Newegg offers WD's 1TB Caviar Black for the same $119.99 shipped. This drive is relatively loud, but it's also the fastest 1TB drive we've ever tested, and WD covers it with a five-year warranty.

Finally, DDR2 memory prices look like they're still going down. While looking around our price search engine today, we noticed that Directron sells a 4GB kit of Kingston DDR2-800 memory for a paltry $33.99. This kit has lifetime warranty coverage and a CAS 5 latency rating, and it used to cost $46 back in mid-November. We thought that was cheap.

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