Ask Ryu: The black art of ACPI

— 12:38 AM on December 8, 2000

Yet another regular feature springs to life here at TR, as we introduce Ryu Connor's new PC advice column, Ask Ryu. After a life of posting feisty, generously proportioned comments here at TR, Ryu got tired of hearing "Who asked you?" and decided to turn the tables.

For his debut act, Ryu dove into the nasty briar patch of ACPI and IRQs. His first patient/victim writes:

I'm building my first high end pentium III system on an ABIT BX133 raid motherboard, and I've had nothing but bad luck with my devices either not working (SB live DOS mode error message during boot in regards to PCI controller sharing interrupt with the DOS emulation) or stopping working (plextor 12x10x32 - the drive works fine for a few boots, then the light just flashes and the door won't eject after a few boots. I only assume we've got some sort of a conflict with the PCI bus.
Will Mr. Connor emerge unscathed? Will we all be schooled in the black art of ACPI? Don't doubt it, but click here to find out.
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