BFG Tech announces Phobos gaming PCs

A line of pricey pre-built PCs is hardly what you'd expect from a company that caters largely to enthusiasts. However, that's just what BFG Technology has up its sleeve. New Phobos desktops will soon join the firm's line of graphics cards, motherboards, and power supplies—and true to pre-built gaming PC tradition, they'll be expensive. Prices will apparently start at $3,000 for the Phobos Performance configuration and range up to a mind-blowing $8,000 for the Phobos Elite.

That top config will incorporate one of Intel's flagship Core i7-965 Extreme Edition processors, which it'll couple with dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 graphics cards, an auxiliary GeForce GTX 285 for PhysX processing, 6GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, quadruple Western Digital VelociRaptors (yes, four of 'em), a slot-loading Blu-ray drive, a 1.2kW power supply, liquid cooling from CoolIt, and an integrated dock for iPhones and iPods (still not kidding).

As if that weren't enough, BFG also outfits the Phobos enclosure with an 8" touch-screen LCD panel:

The panel provides users with a System Status Overview—a real time snapshot of the processor, memory, network, and storage data. Phobos owners can also make real-time performance adjustments based on desired use (Auto/Quiet/Max), monitor the capacity and health of internal storage devices, display and control audio and video files, and more.

Perhaps in a bid not to scare off non-geeks, BFG will offer each system with a complementary Concierge Service, which will entail "expert in-home installation and a six month follow up maintenance visit." If you're spending $8,000 on a gaming PC, you might as well hire a butler to point and laugh at console-owning commoners for you, too. BFG says prospective customers can hit after January 8 for all the details.

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