AMDZone's Athlon/Duron optimized FlasK project

Why does everything have to be optimized for Intel processors? Case in point: the FlasK controversy. The folks over at AMDZone have begun a FlasK optimization project by rewriting the binaries and benchmarks to run faster on AMD Athlon and Duron processors.
Recent benchmarks have shown optimized source code for the Pentium 4 to be faster than an Athlon at DIVX encoding. This is not necessarily the case given equal attention to coding for the Athlon.

Current Status:
New version is more than twice as fast as the old one. When will it be finished? Not until the Intel Pentium 4 is completely embarrassed ;) Adding the new optimized code was quite painless and took all of one hour to add. ;)

Ah, the wonders of science. This may be a non-issue for some but in the interests of equal time, check out their results here.
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