Eee PC T91 tablet, Eee Keyboard appear at CES

Asus isn't resting on its laurels. The company has chosen the Consumer Electronics Show to showcase some of its new and upcoming goodies, including Eee PC touch tablets and a contraption called the Eee Keyboard.

The Eee PC T91 tablet looks a lot like the Gigabyte M912 we reviewed a while back—essentially, it's a netbook with a pivoting touch-screen display that can fold back face up. Engadget has captured a video of Asus' launch presentation, which shows a 3D render of the system folding in and out of tablet mode. Apparently, the T91 will include an 8.9" LED-backlit display, an Intel Atom Z520 processor, Windows XP Home, and optional TV tuning and GPS capabilities.

Somewhat more unusual is the Eee Keyboard, which Asus describes as follows in one of its CES press releases:

Being the first multi-media center enabled by ultra wideband HDMI, the Eee Keyboard is not only a fully-functional PC; it also serves as a hub that wirelessly connects all multimedia devices to utilize any monitor or TV as a viewing platform.

Engadget has posted pictures of that device, too. The Eee Keyboard looks like a thin wireless keyboard, but it supposedly contains the guts of a PC, and it has a 5" touch-screen LCD mounted on the right side.

Aside from those novelties, Asus says it plans to introduce Eee PCs with built-in WiMax connectivity in North America "by the end of Q1 2009." The company also intends to ship a total of seven million Eee PCs by the end of this year.

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