Samsung launches 100GB enterprise SSD

After starting production of 25GB and 50GB solid-state drives for the enterprise last year, Samsung is back, this time with a higher-capacity 100GB model. The new drive has the same 2.5" form factor as its siblings, and Samsung claims it's ideal for applications like "video on demand, streaming media content delivery, internet data centers, virtualization and on-line transaction processing."

The drive reportedly combines a "sophisticated" eight-channel controller, single-level-cell flash memory, and special firmware—all developed by Samsung—to achieve speeds of 230MB/s for sequential reads and 180MB/s for sequential writes. In terms of input/output operations per second (IOPS), Samsung quotes 25,000 for random reads and 6,000 for random writes. That's supposedly "more than 10 times faster" than the speediest 15K-RPM Serial Attached SCSI hard drive, at least when looking at transactional data workloads.

Power-wise, the new SSD consumes only 1.9W in active mode and 0.6w at idle. Put the numbers together, and Samsung claims its latest drive can deliver 100 times as many IOPS per watt as a 15K-RPM mechanical hard drive. Impressive. The company expects its 100GB SSD to become available this quarter.

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