Curved Lian-Li case supports hard drive hot-swaps

Tired of the same old rectangular PC cases? Then you may want to give Lian-Li's PC-888 a look. The new aluminum enclosure looks like the unlikely lovechild of a Linksys router and Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel, and it has perks like partitioned cooling zones and hard drives bays designed for hot-swapping.

A bit like on Apple's Mac Pro, the hard drive bays sit between the optical drives and the motherboard, and they allow four 3.5" hard drives to slide in from the side. Lian-Li also designed the case with a removable motherboard tray (which has a hole at the back to make installing aftermarket CPU coolers easier), an "extra long" power supply support bracket, and oodles of external ports—the top portion includes FireWire, external Serial ATA, audio, and USB ports alongside a card reader.

Lian-Li boasts about the unit's cooling system, too, which involves one 120mm exhaust fan, two 140mm intake fans, and a front bezel with a copious number of filtered vents. Unfortunately, this thing probably won't be cheap: the PC-888 supposedly takes four times longer to assemble than a regular case, and workers put it together manually using "125 custom designed parts." See the gallery below for some images.

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