New GeForce 100M-series mobile GPUs surface

Apparently not content to launch only two new high-end desktop GPUs today, Nvidia has also introduced a trio of new mobile graphics processors: the GeForce G105M, GeForce G110M, and GeForce GT 130M.

Nvidia bills the new parts as higher-performing discrete solutions for mainstream notebooks. In 3DMark Vantage, the G105M is reportedly 55% faster than "the previous NVDIA product in its segment" (that's the GeForce 9200M GE, Nvidia says), while the G110M outdoes the GeForce 9300M GS by 35%, and the GT 130M beats the GeForce 9600M GT by 17%.

That said, these GPUs don't sound too different from previous GeForce 9M offerings. The GeForce GT 130M, for instance, has the same 32 stream processors as the 9600M GT, and it actually has slightly lower rated memory bandwidth. Nvidia however quotes 144 gigaFLOPS of computing performance for the 130M, compared to just 120 for the 9600M GT.

We'll have to double-check with Nvidia, but these new GPUs could well be 55nm GeForce 9M derivatives with higher clock speeds and new branding. Recent reports suggest Nvidia might re-brand desktop GeForce 9 offerings along similar lines, too.

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