Upcoming Dell monitors to have LED backlights

LED backlighting technology has been a staple of thin-and-light laptops for some time, but it's been largely absent from the desktop scene (Apple's $899 LED Cinema Display being a notable exception). Dell seems intent on changing that, because it's announced a pair of desktop consumer monitors that shed traditional CCFL backlights in favor of LEDs.

The new 22" G2210 and 24" G2410 both have 1,000:1 contrast ratios, 250cd/m² luminosity, 5ms response times, and very low power draw—Dell quotes a typical 18W for the G2210 and 22W for the G2410. The G2210 also has a 1680x1050 resolution and will cost $279 when it comes out in February, while the 1920x1080 G2410 will roll out at $359.

Judging by these prices, these monitors may feature lower-quality TN panels with so-so viewing angles. However, the LEDs should (at least in theory) guarantee more even backlighting, better contrast, and quicker recovery from sleep mode. Dell has built in some extra perks, too, like a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness automatically based on lighting conditions.

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