New SanDisk G3 SSDs are fast, affordable

SanDisk has announced a new batch of solid-state drives that couples low prices with surprisingly decent rated performance. The new SanDisk G3 SSDs start at just $149 for 60GB of capacity, and the company claims "anticipated sequential performance" of 200MB/s for reads and 140MB/s for writes. Not bad at all.

The G3 series also includes a 120GB variant priced at $249 and a 240GB flavor with a $499 price tag. According to the press release, all three models should be available in either 2.5" or 1.8" form factors and with 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces. SanDisk also intends to release 2.5" G3 SSDs with parallel ATA interfaces in mid-2009.

As one might expect in light of those prices, the G3 SSDs use multi-level-cell flash memory instead of the more durable (but higher-priced) single-level-cell variety. That said, SanDisk claims the 240GB drive should be able to withstand 160TB of data writes, which is supposedly "sufficient for over 100 years of typical user usage."

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