Phenom II X4 920, 940 Black Edition hit Newegg

Apparently, you won't have to wait weeks to get your hands on a Phenom II. Newegg has put up listings for both of AMD's new 45nm quad-core desktop processors, and the chips are in stock and ready to go.

Newegg offers the 2.8GHz Phenom II X4 920 for $235 with free shipping, while the 3GHz Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition is available for $275 shipped. The new chips are also up at, NCIX, and TigerDirect. Newegg seems to be the only one currently sticking to AMD's suggested prices, though.

As we found in our testing, the new Phenoms are very closely matched with like-priced Intel Core 2 Quads overall. AMD stacked up the 920 model against Intel's Core 2 Quad Q8300 and Q9300, and the 940 against the 2.66GHz Q9400. Admittedly, you can also get a Core i7-920 for just under 300 bucks, but that CPU requires an expensive motherboard and pricey DD3 memory. By contrast, the new Phenom IIs work in existing Socket AM2+ mobos.

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