Windows CE sucks; let's rename it

Here is a downright mystifying article at Apparently Microsoft is acknowledging the nearly complete lack of acceptance of its Windows CE operating system in the palm market, and plans to deal with the problem head-on by... changing the stamp on the machines from a Windows CE logo to "Windows Powered."

Let me just take a moment to reflect on the brilliance of it. This'll hit those Palm-lovers right where they live! Interestingly, although the subhead of the article talks about big changes for CE, err, the Windows Powered thingy, with the name change being only the first, the article doesn't really go into what those changes are. I assume this is because Microsoft hasn't figured that out yet.

MS seems incapable of realizing (or is unwilling to admit) that the reason nobody wants CE devices is because the operating system bites, at least for handhelds. Here's a hint: If the Start Menu takes up 90% of the screen real estate, and you have to scroll through 4 screenfulls of it to find the app you want, it's no longer a Start Menu, it's a Pain In The Ass.

For the record, I'm not even into handhelds, but I did check them out briefly at Comdex on behalf of others who are interested. Five minutes of playing around with a Palm and a CE device was enough to convince me.

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