Antec shrinks Skeleton for Mini-ITX

CES — Antec shrunk its open-air Skeleton enclosure just in time for CES, unveiling a new model designed for Mini-ITX motherboards. The Mini Skeleton-65 is essentially a smaller version of the original, and it's easily the cutest thing we saw at the show. Cooling is provided by a 150 mm fan up top and a 70 mm unit at the rear, which should keep things relatively quiet, despite the lack of traditional case panels. The power supply is passively cooled, too, although it's only a 90W unit. One 5.25" bay and room for up to four hard drives (two of which must be 2.5" models) round out the Mini, which looks perfect for small form factor enthusiasts with a penchant for showing off their hardware.

Honey, Antec shrunk the Skeleton

If you prefer your cases a little more traditional, Antec also showed new ISK 400 and 300-65 Mini-ITX enclosures. These cases are decidedly more subdued, but with a 250W PSU, the ISK 400 has enough power on tap to handle a wide range of system configurations. Cooling for both ISK units is provided by 80 mm fans that should be much quieter and more reliable than the rinky-dink fans typically found in Mini-ITX enclosures.

The prototype P1000

Lest you think Antec is only infatuated with Mini-ITX, the company also had a prototype P1000 chassis on display. The P1000 is designed for full-sized ATX systems and looks to be the love child of the Twelve Hundred and P190 chassis—think big fans with filtered intakes, a stack of 5.25" bays with 3.5" drive sleds, composite side panels, and upside-down internals. In an original twist, the P1000 has its own strip of modular cable plugs designed to work with Antec's new CP-850 800W power supply. This modular strip allows shorter cables to be used to reach system components, resulting in cleaner routing overall.

A little something different with the CP-850

The CP-850's dimensions are larger than those called for by the ATX standard, so it won't work in most enclosures. However, it is compatible with a number of Antec's existing chassis, including the popular P series. More generous dimensions allow the PSU's circuitry to be spread over two PCBs, which apparently reduces costs. The CP-850's size also enables Antec to cool the unit with a single, rear-mounted 120 mm fan that the company says is very quiet.

For those looking for something in a standard ATX form factor, Antec has a new line of not-so-originally-named TruePower New PSUs. Slated to arrive in 550, 650, and 750W flavors, the TruePower New line is 80 Plus certified and equipped with bottom-mounted 120 mm fans. The 650 and 750W models also feature four PCIe power connectors, two of which are of the eight-pin variety.

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