Windows 7 beta keys to be available until January 24

If you missed the Windows 7 beta launch late last Friday, don't panic—you have almost two weeks left to get a license key. That's because Microsoft has changed the deadline to accommodate an "enormous surge in demand," according to Brandon LeBlanc from the Windows Team Blog.

Microsoft initially planned to offer the beta publicly last Friday afternoon and to issue only 2.5 million license keys. However, the rollout didn't quite go as planned: servers buckled under the load, distribution officially stopped for a few hours, and a number of resourceful folks managed to download the beta (and obtain legit keys) anyway via links posted on the web. As part of the new plan, users will be able to get an unlimited number of keys until January 24.

You can still grab the public beta from the official Windows 7 page (the link's at the bottom right). Public beta licenses should expire on August 1, so don't go thinking you get a free OS out of the deal.

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