Chrome to hit Mac OS, Linux before the summer

Chrome may have reached 1.0 status a little quickly, but Google is far from done with the web browser's development. CNet News has had a little chat with Chrome Product Manager Brian Rakowski, who says he hopes to have Mac and Linux versions of Chrome wrapped up and ready to go "before the first half of 2009 is up."

According to Rakowski, both ports are being developed in parallel and are "at the same level of progress." Speaking of the current status of the Mac version, Rakowski said, "That team now is able to render most Web pages pretty well. But in terms of the user experience, it's very basic . . . We have not spent any time building out features. We're still iterating on making it stable and getting the architecture right."

Google is also working to build in support for third-party extensions. A new development version of Chrome released last week already has experimental support for Greasemonkey-like user scripts, something Rakowski calls a "baby step." There's more where that came from: Google will eventually "expose more capabilities, then expose containers where can you have your own toolbar-like thing. You'll see it evolve over time."

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