Eee PC 1000HE fixes that dang shift key, extends battery life

We think the Eee PC 1000H is one of the best netbooks on the market today, but we've been vexed by its shift key placement, which has even forced Geoff to take extreme measures. Amazingly, it seems Asus has been listening, because the firm was showing a new model at CES known as the Eee PC 1000HE, which features a redesigned keyboard with more conventional right shift key location.

The 1000HE's keyboard is a new design also featured on the just-introduced Eee PC tablet, with MacBook-like square keys that have plastic framing running between them. Keyboard feel wasn't bad, although there was a lot of flex in the prototype on the show floor. Asus expects production versions to be stiffer.

The 1000HE's battery life has also been extended somewhat, with Asus now claiming roughly 8.7 hours of run time on a charge. Otherwise, the 1000HE is largely unchanged from the 1000H.

At a list price of $469, the 1000HE should supplant the 1000H. And yep, there will be a 1000HAE to replace the 1000HA for those who can't be bothered to pay for 802.11n or Bluetooth.

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