Fallout 3 patch out, DLC coming on January 27

If you've not grown bored of Fallout 3 and uninstalled it already, good news. Bethesda has released a 1.1 patch that fixes a number of bugs (including a few crash-causing problems) and irons out issues with some of the game's quests. You'll find the patch and a set of release notes over at FileShack.

According to Shacknews, the patch also brings support for the upcoming downloadable content. Speaking of which, Bethesda has announced that the first nugget of Fallout 3 DLC will come out on January 27.

The first DLC episode will be dubbed Operation: Anchorage, and it will allow players to experience the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from the "Red Chinese"—an oft-mentioned historic event in Fallout 3. Operation: Anchorage will add 4-5 hours of gameplay, and Shacknews says you'll have to cough up $10 for it. You can view some screenshots over here.

Next up: The Pitt, a second DLC episode due in February that will take place in the ruins of Pittsburgh. Bethesda will follow up in March with Broken Steel, a third episode that will let gamers keep playing after the main quest.

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