1. PowerStrip 3.0 beta
  2. AMDZone's new FlasK.exe and source code (optimized for AMD processors)
  3. NVmax 1.0 (maintenance release #1)
  4. Sitex 2000 coverage@OCWorkBench
  5. reviews Microsoft Whistler Beta 1
  6. Digit Life's November 3Digest
  7. Hypothermia's interview with MadOnion's Markus Maki

  1. LostCircuits reviews Iwill KA266-R
  2. HardwareOC does Intel i815E motherboards shootout
  3. PCinsight reviews Soyo SY-7VMA VIA PM-133 Socket 370
  4. TweakTown reviews Iwill WO2-R i815E

  1. RIVA Station reviews Leadtek WinFast GF2 Pro
  2. Target PC reviews JazzSpeakers ROCCO 5.1
  3. Gamers Depot reviews Game Commander2

  1. ipKonfig on making room for the Orbs (dealing with capacitors near the Socket A)
  2. Pro Cooling reviews the MacPower DigiDoc 5
  3. Pro Cooling's "Project: Little Stealth"
  4. OCWorkBench on how to clean the Tt Golden Orb
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