2TB Western Digital hard drive may arrive this week

Seagate might not remain the only company with a shipping 500GB-per-platter hard drive for very long. According to reports from both Fudzilla and Expreview, Western Digital will soon lift the veil on a new Caviar Green hard drive with a whopping 2TB capacity.

This drive already popped up in Czech e-tail listings a month ago, and Fudzilla claims WD will finally make things official later this week. Expreview writes that the drive will feature four 500GB platters, while Fudzilla also mentions a 32MB cache, 8.9ms seek time, and a variable spindle speed.

Price-wise, Fudzilla "expects" something in the €160-180 range (that'd work out to around $200 in the States). That sounds about right, considering Seagate's new 1.5TB Barracuda currently sells for $130, and the latest 1TB Caviar Green is $110 at Newegg.

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