Yahoo chooses Carol Bartz to replace Yang as CEO

Almost two months after announcing Jerry Yang's departure, Yahoo has ended its search for a new CEO. As the Associated Press reports, former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz will be taking up the web company's reins.

The AP describes Bartz as an outspoken person with a no-nonsense approach to business—and she apparently has no trouble cultivating that image. Shortly after being hired, she reportedly announced on a conference call that she'd ensure the company got some "friggin' breathing room" in order to "kick some butt." She went on to say, "I see this as a company with enormous assets that frankly could use a little management."

Bartz spent nine years at Sun and 17 years at Autodesk, where she managed to "turn around [the design software firm] after she battled back from breast cancer." A former Autodesk manager says of her, "She is able to see the essence of things because she doesn't spend a lot of time worrying about how people are going to feel."

Bartz' appointment could pave the way for new negotiations with Microsoft, too. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has repeatedly said he remains interested in a potential search deal with Yahoo, although he's ruled out a renewed acquisition bid.

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